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We are almost a month into hurricane season now. So, it's a good idea to make sure you have covered all of your bases with your home insurance and flood insurance policies. Below are a few questions to ask your agent to make sure you are properly protected. Is My Home Insurance Policy Paid? READ MORE >>

BOP, or business owner protection, is an important level of business insurance. As a business, just opening your doors to meet customer needs puts you at risk. BOP coverage reduces these risks. It helps to alleviate the types of events that could cost your business money. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, take care in estimating your annual business insurance property coverage. Estimating property coverage for your BOP plan isn't hard. That said, it can get a little complicated when your inventory fluctuates. Generally, your BOP will protect you from most claims. READ MORE >>

With the rainy season right in front of us, now may be the best time to consider purchasing flood insurance. I hear a lot of people say, "When we bought our house, the lender said we weren't in a flood zone so we didn't need to buy flood insurance on top of our homeowner's insurance. READ MORE >>

A business owners' policy — or BOP — is a common form of business insurance. It provides coverage for the basic needs of most companies. A service business owner - such as an accountant or a plumber - can use this type of policy to safeguard their company. However, a BOP may not offer enough coverage for all needs. READ MORE >>

Valentine's Day - A time when all thoughts turn to … Life Insurance. Wait, What! Life insurance? Oh, surely, he meant love. No, you read it correctly. So how does life insurance relate to love? Let's find out together. We do many things in the name of love. READ MORE >>

Homeowners insurance provides financial support for unexpected and unpreventable instances of damage. It can assist if a tree falls on a home during a storm, or if a faulty appliance sets the house on fire. For homeowners planning significant restoration work, home insurance may not offer much support. READ MORE >>

How much effort do you put into protecting your business from theft? Most companies have comprehensive security measures to minimize this risk. However, these efforts often point to theft by an outsider – including theft by customers, or by just those walking by the company. READ MORE >>

Most company owners recognize the importance of carrying quality business insurance. These companies also need to ensure the policy they are purchasing is the right fit for their budget. It is never wise to reduce the quality or amount of insurance protection a company maintains in order to save costs. READ MORE >>

Fort Lauderdale, FL Business Insurance Owning a business in South Florida is a huge investment and just one substantial loss can be financially detrimental. Luckily, there are a variety of business insurance policies offered to protect your company from such damages. READ MORE >>

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