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Fort Lauderdale & Miami Commercial Property Insurance

You never know when a disaster might strike and damage your business. If it does, it could affect your ability to keep the doors open.

Commercial property insurance can help in such situations. Bruening Insurance offers several options to help businesses protect their property. We can cover offices, retail centers, apartments, churches and many other types of business property.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Think about your business. You probably have expensive assets and equipment. These might include inventory, computer systems or even the buildings your company is housed in. What would happen if a fire, storm or theft damaged your operations? Could you afford to rebuild?

Look to your business insurance policy in this situation. Commercial property coverage can help businesses replace or repair damaged property. Different elements of coverage can help business owners. These may include:

  • Building Coverage: This coverage can help building owners repair or replace damaged or destroyed structures. Keep in mind, this coverage may only apply to owned buildings, not rented spaces.
  • Contents Insurance: If you need to replace possessions, this coverage may help cover the costs. Make sure your coverage addresses any specialty items your business possesses.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Should your equipment malfunction, it can interrupt operations. This could lead to lost profits. Breakdown coverage can help cover repairs to expensive items. It may also cover lost income associated with the damage.
  • Lost Income: Disasters will likely impact your ability to operate your business. You might have to temporarily close your doors. Nonetheless, you may still have fixed costs that you’ll have to pay, such as utilities. Lost income coverage can help you pay the bills even if you don’t have the ability to make money due to the closure.
  • Flood Coverage: Most standard building or contents insurance policies exclude flooding, except in limited cases. If your business is in flood prone area, consider this coverage. It can help you cover damage should a flood occur.

Never underestimate the value of commercial property insurance. It can help you cover costs if your business property is damaged. If you don’t have this coverage, you might not be able to continue your operations after one of these incidents.

Approximately a quarter of businesses shut down within a year of a disaster or theft. But, with the correct attention to your insurance needs, you can reduce this risk.

Get Started Today!

If your business is based in Florida, Bruening Insurance can help you get the commercial property coverage you need. As an independent agency, we can compare policy offerings from multiple insurers. That way, we can help you find comprehensive coverage while keeping your rates affordable.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns or to start the process of finding coverage for your business.

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