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Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

Since Florida is a heavily populated region, there are plenty of risks that might threaten your security behind the wheel. Having car insurance coverage is therefore essential to your safety. However, if you are driving on behalf of a business, then a personal auto policy might provide no assistance. You probably need commercial auto insurance instead.

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What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

In general, car insurance is supposed to help drivers pay for the costs associated with car wrecks or other vehicle losses. Commercial auto insurance is much the same, except that it applies more specifically to the risks of vehicles used for business purposes.

A business that owns vehicles or hires employee drivers has a financial interest in the use of those vehicles. Commercial auto insurance will apply to the unique losses the business and its drivers stand to encounter following wrecks, theft and other problems that might occur involving company cars.

Who Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Many types of vehicles that might qualify for commercial auto insurance, including:

  • Vehicles owned by a business
  • Privately-owned cars that a business owner or employees use for business purposes
  • A vehicle provided by a business to an employee for both personal and business use
  • Certain large trucks will need coverage even if they are only used privately

On most commercial auto policies, the business will be named as an insured party on the policy. Therefore, should a loss occur, the business will have coverage in ways beneficial to its own losses. The respective drivers can also receive coverage under this policy for the times they use this vehicle.

What Are Minimum Requirements For Commercial Auto Insurance?

Florida law requires all commercial drivers to carry at least the following commercial auto insurance:

  • $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Also called no-fault coverage, PIP insurance allows policyholders to pay their injury costs from wrecks, regardless of who was at fault for the wreck.
  • $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL) Coverage: If you cause a wreck, you will need to use this coverage to pay for the damage to someone else’s property or vehicle that was your fault.

Depending on the type of commercial vehicle you operate, you might face requirements to buy additional protection. For example, commercial truckers usually need an entirely unique set of policies.

Can I Buy Expanded Coverage Options?

Even if your commercial auto policy must only contain Florida's basic auto coverage, you can still benefit from increasing your PIP and PDL limits and by adding extra coverage options to your policy. The more coverage you carry, the more help you might receive following an accident. That's more assistance when you don't want to empty your wallet.

Once you have the basic coverage limits, consider getting additional protection such as:

  • Collision Insurance: Following a wreck, coverage can help you pay for repairs to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This coverage pays for vehicle damage from non-accident hazards such as theft, vandalism, fires or severe weather.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Insurance: Even though someone might have PIP coverage, they might still be able to sue you for additional medical costs. Bodily injury liability insurance helps you provide them with the compensation they require of you.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage will pay you if another driver is at-fault for your injuries, but has no coverage to repay you for the losses.

These policies will contain limits that pertain specifically to the business' interests in the vehicle. Therefore, if you ever need to make a claim, you can rest assured that your policy will include ample assistance in their own way.

Is There Commercial Auto Insurance For Personal Use?

Commercial drivers might operate those vehicles for personal business outside of their standard driving needs. Commercial auto insurance can often include coverage that addresses such usage.

Please note that if an employee driver uses a personal vehicle for commercial purposes, the business will likely need to purchase hired/non-owned vehicle coverage. This coverage will make accommodations for the fact that someone uses their own car on the business' behalf. However, individual drivers might also need to still carry their own personal car insurance during these times.

Helping You Get Covered

At Bruening Insurance, we have trusted relationships with multiple insurers of all shapes and sizes. We can tap into their offerings to help clients locate the widest range of commercial auto policy options. With us, you can find a policy that always offers adequate coverage at affordable prices.

If you are ready to get coverage, call us at (800) 293-0131 right now for a policy quote, or fill out our online quote form.

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