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Many business owners opt to live in the same building where they work. This is different from a home-based business in that you are not setting aside a corner of the house from which to operate your company. Rather, you are moving into the same physical building as your business location for your living quarters. READ MORE >>

General business insurance can mean a few different things, so it's important to make sure your business property is covered. You need to make sure commercial property insurance is included in your policy or purchase separate coverage. What Is General Business Insurance? READ MORE >>

Do you have a storage space on your property? You may use this space to house excess inventory, equipment, or other needs. Whether or not your storage space is an attachment on your building, it is important to make sure it has proper insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Commercial properties sometimes are not owned by the businesses that occupy them. Sometimes, the property owner is, in effect, the landlord of the building. The various business owners are the tenants. If property damage occurs, therefore, then several different parties might lose out. READ MORE >>

Owning a restaurant can be an exciting opportunity. It allows you to do what you love. However, to operate properly, your restaurant needs to have the proper equipment. That equipment is expensive. Proper commercial property insurance can help you to protect your equipment. But it comes with questions. READ MORE >>

Many businesses are moving towards green energy initiatives. Several of these companies are drawn to the benefits of these initiatives. The initiatives save them money. They reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. And, they help to build a reputation for being a green company. READ MORE >>

Commercial property insurance protects your structure, contents, inventory, and equipment. It ensures you have ample protections in place to meet all of your goals. Proper insurance coverage is critical here. With multiple business locations, you may need several policies. READ MORE >>

Is theft increasing in your area? This is a common problem for many business owners. However, there are many ways to increase property security. What can you do to secure your business' items? Extra security can help to reduce commercial property insurance costs. Theft is not something most companies can ignore. READ MORE >>

Businesses rely on sales, and in most cases, those sales come from trading products or goods. This means amassing an inventory to support that output. And when you store products, you have a responsibility to keep them safe. Take the time to consider the practical ways to do so. READ MORE >>

Some business owners have unique or expanded risks on their properties. If you're one of them, your goal should be to have customized business insurance to address these concerns. Specifically, look at the commercial property insurance you have. Does it provide protection for all your property's assets? READ MORE >>

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